It’s new innovation that now we can scan body parts with our touch screen by converting them into Biometric Scanners. This new technology named as Body Print allows you to do this job.


Until, now we have seen biometric sensors on various flagship devices like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 and others. The great use of those scanners is to unlock the device, make payments and can perform only limited functions. Now with the BodyPrint user and you fingerprints, but along with them we can also use our palms, ears, finger grip and other parts as identification to run any program.

For eg, if a call is coming that we can assign ear biometric scan to pick up the call. So whenever you will turn you phone by the side of your face on ear, it will be automatically picked up. It was recently demoed at the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul, accurately identified body parts and their owners 99.98 percent of the time during a small test comprised of 12 subjects. You can watch the video below for detailed functioning of the device:

Right now more research is needed to make it more accurate and to get its place on commercial devices.


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