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WhatsApp is one of the few social media application which does not have ads. But, that’s going to change in the near future. The company’s Vice President Chris Daniels confirmed himself speaking at an event in New Delhi. He also added that ads would be the primary monetisation mode for the company as WhatsApp stopped charging the yearly subscription back in 2016.

WhatsApp Logo

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, this sort of things were the most concerned ones. Back when WhatsApp stopped charging the yearly subscription, the company said: “you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication”. However, now a lot has changed as the founders of WhatsApp are no more at the company due to their differences with Facebook.

The ads in WhatsApp will appear in the Stories section of the app similar to what we get to see in Facebook. It was only last year when WhatsApp introduced the Stories feature inspired by that of Instagram which itself is copied from Snapchat. The ads in WhatsApp is a part of Facebook’s monetization effort as the service has generated nearly zero revenue since removing the subscription.

This move by WhatsApp makes sense for business but definitely not for users. As of now, the company did not reveal when the ads will be implemented, but it is expected soon.


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