Canadian Chromecast 2015 and Chromecast Audio Owners can Get $20 play Store Credit

Chromecast 2015

Google is actually gives the lots of promotional offers for Chromecast Users. Here is one more, but this time it is only for the Canadian Chromecast 2015 and Chromecast Audio users. This Promotional offer is applicable to new buyers of these devices and this will ends on Spetember 4th 2016.

google chromecast

On Reddit users are claiming that they are getting the credit on Older Chromecast also. But there is no official word on this yet. This Play Store credit can be used for any purchase in the Play Store: apps, games, in-app purchases, books, movies, music, and even payment for a Play Music Unlimited subscription.

It might be available on some other countries except US and UK, but at this moment we don’t have any information regarding this. We will update you as soon as we get any more info.

However, Google has offered a free Spotify subscription for two months and offer is vaild until sept 15th 2016.Moreover, Google has offered three Months free subscription Unit 31st December 2016.

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