It looks like the first group of North American citizens are beginning to receive their ASUS Transformer Prime units in the mail. Canadian reader Mark has reported receiving his through UPS. Check your tracking number from your respective retailer to see if yours is inbound.

United States customers have also reported that device shipments have headed out from various retailers, including a new tip received by us today that GameStop was shipping orders from today and customers should begin receiving them tomorrow (overnight shipping). Hopefully everyone can enjoy some sweet ice cream before Christmas.
All of this lines up with word from our ASUS rep that the ASUS Transformer Prime will, in fact, be available in North American markets starting this week so we’re sure more than a few of you should see it on your doorsteps or in store shelves in no time. Be sure to let us know if you’ve gotten confirmation that your order has shipped! [Thanks Mark and everyone who sent this in!]


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