The Buzz around iPhone 5 has been sky high for a long time now. The rumors regarding iPhone 6 are spreading around like wildfire, even before the fifth version is officially released. According to the recently released photos by Case Mate the iPhone 5 have aluminum back. This came as a pleasant surprise for the fans of iPhone series; who were till now used to the glass back. The released pictures also reveal that the latest iPhone is thinner, wider and has a teardrop shape. Let’s looks at some of the other theories and speculations floating in the market regarding IPhone 5.
 1. Design
The biggest achievement of Steve jobs as the chairman of Apple INC was not just the mind boggling devices he rolled out year after year. It was also the groundbreaking and never done before combination of art, science and technology that he brought to the world stage. With each of its smartphones, Apple has updated its design. It is almost a certainty that the iPhone5 will sport an aluminum back panel. The rest of the details about the design are still unknown, but you can surely expect a cracker from Apple.
2. Sales
The iPhone series is undoubtedly the biggest selling smartphone series till date. No other device has captured the public imagination the way iPhone has, with the only exception of BlackBerry. According to certain unconfirmed reports in various newspapers, Apple has contracted a manufacturing company to build 15 million units of iPhone5. Apple predictions have always been pretty close to market realities, so, if this rumor turns out to be true, the smartphones market will be practically eclipsed by Apple.
3. Marketing strategy
Marketing for iPhone 5 is already in high drive. Apple is not leaving any stone unturned this time. They are aware that brand name is not the only requirement to stir the sales. A good example of this is Google Nexus One. The smartphone had a lot of buzz going for it before its release in 2010. Although the phone performed well on performance front and was hailed by critics, the sales never matched expectations because of the lack of a singular marketing strategy on part of Google.
4. Operating system
iPhone 5 will work on Apple’s iOS 5.0. The announcement for the same was made on June 6 of this year. The new operating system is equipped with iCloud service and the Notification Center. The operating system also offers more than 200 amazing features.
5. App store
To this date, Apple has produced more than 500,000 applications. Out of which a staggering 37 percent are free and the rest are available at the average price of $3.64. As of July 2011, more than 200 million users have downloaded over 15 billion applications. As iPhone 5 is the latest offering by Apple, it is going to benefit a lot from these new improved features. It is important to note that App Store have become hubs of major market activity, which in turn creates massive market buzz whenever any Apple device is going to be released.
It won’t be an exaggeration to say that iPhones have truly captured the popular imagination. Apple had its first great push with the release of iPods. From then on the legacy has been taken forward by iPhones. With iPhone 5, Apple is looking to sell more than 15 million pieces in one go. The figure is a record in itself, but when it comes to Apple, sky is truly the limit. According to official sources, Apple is planning on releasing iPhone 5 in the last quarter of this year.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and gadgets. Beside this she loves cooking and travelling. She is very fond of mobile phones.


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