Android Auto now Understands ‘OK Google’ Hotword Detection

After so long, since it has been launched, Android Auto has finally got to understand the 'Ok Google' Hotword. We don't know why it took...
facebook messenger android auto

Facebook Messenger Rolls Android Auto Support

Recently, Android Auto has landed on all Android Devices irrespective of compatible Stereo or Car. Now you can easily pair Android Auto with any...
Android auto

Android Auto App Lands on Android Devices; Easily Accessible Everywhere

Google has made a major development in the Android Auto since its launch. Now, you not need to own a new stereo or any...

Android Auto is Getting the Waze and Wireless Support

Google has announced products and new apps in the Google I/O 2016. Among them Android Auto also gains the fair share of the attention. As...

Ford Reveals Android Auto for its Vehicles Officially

Ford has announced that their latest vehicles from 2017 with Sync 3 are going to be officially supported by Android Auto along with Apple’s...
2016 Honda Civic Sedan

Honda Civic 2016 Equipped With Android Auto

Honda has launched Civic's 2016 variant with Android Auto equipped in it. It is going to be the second car, Accord 2016 from Honda that...
Androdi Wear

Android Wear, TV and Auto Will Not Have OEM Skins

It's damn good news for the users who face too many glitches on OEM skins while using the device. As per the latest news...
best from google io 2014

Best Announcements From Google IO 2014 Until Now

Google IO 2014 is going on and until now we have got many new products, services and upgrades. Yesterday, lot of announcements were made and...
audi android auto

Audi To Come With Android Auto In 2015

Audi has officially announced that Android Auto powered Audis will come up next year aka 2015. Early next year Audi will launch Android Auto...

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