google sound search

Google Sound Search Now Available Through play Store

Guys you can now download Google Sound Search - for easy song identifiaction. Its similar to Sound Hound, Shazam and it will be easier for...

[Update]: Grand Theft Auto Vice City now Available From Play Store

It looks like Rockstar Games managed to fix whatever problems they were facing quite fast, because Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Earlier on 6th December Game was...
google maps for itunes

Google Maps Now Available In Apple App Store

Google Maps is now available from Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone devices. Its great respite for users use navigation Apps on iOS. Google Maps came back...

Motorola Points Samsung Galaxy S3 in New Ad Campaign

Motorola new ad campaign for Motorola RAZR M targets or points Samsung Galaxy S3. In the new ad/campaign that was posted to the official Motorola Facebook account this evening, Moto...
galaxy 10.1 4.1.1 update

Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi Receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update In...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi version is receiving Jelly Bean update in Germany. After Premium Suites  for Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, they started...

HTC-UEFA Signs Three Years Partnership

HTC and UEFA signed three year deal to become the official mobile phone and tablet computer partner for both the UEFA Champions League and the...

Nexus 4 Factory Images Pulled From Google Developer Site

As we know Google made available Android 4.2.x system factory images of Nexus 4 last month. But today Google pulled it out from its Developer site...
yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail Android App Updated With UI Overhaul And Much More

Yahoo has rolled out update to its Android and iOS Mail App. New Yahoo Mail App has received new User Interface with pull to...
google news

Google News Receives New Tablet UI Out Now, Support Gestures

 Google News Website has updated its Tablet User Interface to make it more natural and fluid on tablet device. Rolling out over the next few...
hulu plus

Hulu Plus And NYT App Update is Available Now

Hulu Plus app for Android has been updated with new features and bug fixes. New update has added Hulu kids section to the app...

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