google 20 birthday doodle

It’s been two decades since the Google came into existence. In the year 1998, Google launched its commercial operations with a simple find and search algorithm. Now, Google hosts hundreds of products with too complex search algorithms and new AI technology. Google has developed a lot in the past few years which has let them earn and becomes one of the world’s most loved or reputed company.

google 20 birthday doodle

Today, it’s the birthday of the search Giant; it has turned 20 today. To celebrate its Birthday, Google has introduced a new doodle on Google. An animated doodle has a play button on it, showcasing a 1 minute and 37 seconds video of Google’s history timeline. It recreates those old days memories when we use to search differently on Google.

Although Google is now an owned by its parent company, Alphabet formed in 2015. There’s a great history behind the Google, how it started and how it got popular in those times. Now, the majority of its business is based on advertisements, many free of costs products bring some ads to users. Google gets most of the income from the ads business.

The Android Ecosystem has opened some new doors to create some more revenue streams for Google. They are now investing in hardware to produce their own ANdroid based devices such as Nexus and Pixel series. Also, the Play Store is generating some amount of income for the Google. Google Cloud is another hit, producing revenue for the search giant by giving the cloud computing services to other business via different products.

We hope Google keep inventing the new technologies and keep giving us a chance to say Happy B’day Google!


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