Cerberus v3.5 adds ‘fake shutdown’ feature to secure your smartphone


Today, phone theft is a real issue as there have been instances where users have lost their new costly smartphone. And are even not able to track their devices even after having such tracking features in your device. Such features are not only available in Android smartphones but also iPhone’s.

But the reason why your device cannot be tracked is that thieves usually turn off the smartphone due to which tracking is not possible. But not to worry guys we have a new app for your smartphone’s security.

A security app named Cerberus’s new update named v3.5 has new features added to it. Here, the app does the work of fooling the thief with a ‘fake shutdown message’. Now what this ‘fake shutdown’ message is? When your smartphone gets stolen away, the thief usually do the first task of switching it off. So, when someone tries to long press the power button while the lock screen is active, a fake shutdown comes up directly. The phone will like normally show that it is shutting down.

But it does not as thief after seeing this will usually put the phone in his pocket thinking it’s off but after a sleep of 1 minute it will be on. Even if he tries to check at the same time by pressing the power button it won’t work.

So after a minute your phone will be live and sending GPS data to it’s users making it easy to track your device. The only thing is that you need to enable this feature in your settings after downloading the app.

The app will be free for 7 days as a trial but after that you need to pay for it’s service.


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