chameleon launcher 2

Chameleon Launcher has launched its newer version of launcher which now also supports Mobile or Phone devices. Its now available or download from the Play Store but its only available for Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. You can head over to the bottom of the article to download the app. Currently Chameleon Launcher 2 is available in Beta only, so there would be bugs also. Until, its launch for public you can download its earlier version for Tablets only. 

chameleon launcher 2

Currently you can download the app but can’t access as its locked. New version of the launcher support for Phones, added Folders & Linked Folders, App Launcher Widgets, Contextual Dashboards redesigned. As usual there are some performance fixes also. Along with there are many updated widgets included in the Chameleon Launcher 2.

As you know currently its available for only pinch of members but there’s good news also, if you’ve already purchased the tablet version of Chameleon you won’t have to pay again for the phone version. Other will have to shell $2.99 for smartphone version. Checkout video also:

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