Chameleon Launcher Beta Available For Pre-Orderers And Testers


Chameleon Launcher Beta, Launcher for Android Tablets has arrived with beta build in Play Store Market for Pre-Orderers and Testers. Now anyone can get Chameleon launcher from Play Store but they need to have invitation from one of the the Testers or Pre-Orderers.

Android is defined for various options in every part of the system. So Chameleon Launcher Beta is also equipped with various functions, options and features. It is minimal, smooth, and offers exactly what we wanted – quick access to news, emails, and social media. Chameleon Beta also have 5 different HTML5 widgets. Also, a specific homescreen can launch showing big, bright, resizable widgets from all your social networks. Chameleon Home Screens can be set up based on GPS locations, WiFi networks and time ranges, allowing you to define which Home Screen. Also check ou the Chameleon Dashboard Demo Video:

Are using the Chameleon Launcher for Android?

Download: Play Store


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