Change in Google’s domain won’t give results from another country


If you wanted to search about the locale details of the country, just had to type Google with a different country code. And you would get the details of the country you had types in the address bar. This was helpful for those who are staying in some foreign country and wanted to know about their home country.

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But, for those who used it for this purpose is of bad news. Google has today announced that it will bring a change in this. Now, Google will change the in search country services. Here, it means that whatever country domain you use, the information will be based on the country you are residing. For example, even if you are currently using .co .uk domain, still you will get the info of the country you are currently in.

But don’t worry, if you want to use Google search of some other country, it is possible. Though you need to do some hard work, but finding the settings to do so.

Well, here the aim of Google is to provide the most relevant search to the user. It won’t have any impact legally. As it would still work based on the laws of that particular country you reside in.

Overall, the motive of Google here is providing the best services to it’s users.



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