Back in late August, I mentioned that Samsung had a new cross platform chat service that would be coming to Android and a bunch of other platforms called ChatON. Several Android fans were excited about the prospect of a chat service that would link all major smartphone platforms in one free chat circle. If you were excited about that app, you can download it right now.

ChatON is now on the Android Market. For now, the service only supports Android, bada, and Samsung feature phones. However, Samsung still swears that support for all other platforms is in the work. The app has a web-based client that will let you chat using your PC as well. In addition to shared chats, the app supports private chatting and the sharing of media.
On feature phones from Samsung the app allows for texting, image sharing calendar appointment sharing, and contact sharing. Other users will have a few extra options. There is also an animation message feature where you can draw something and seen it to someone you know. The Android version supports Android 2.2 and 2.3.
[via TechCrunch]


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