China Unicom must have gotten sit and tired of all the waiting, that the company has decided to give up on introducing the 3G enabled iPad 2 to the masses in China directly. Deputy general manager of the leading telecom carrier in China, Li Gang, recently commented that the iPad 2 was a far more suitable candidate to be sold through the standard IT sales network model, making it very different from the iPhone. This has led China Unicom to ditch their initial plans of introducing the 3G iPad 2 for the moment, where the company will instead work on delivering a more convenient 3G data surfing service to the masses.
I must say, it has been quite some time already that China Unicom talked up about an iPad rollout since last year. Unfortunately for them, the 3G iPad has yet to pick up a network access license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), so after spending so much time waiting, China Unicom finally decided that they have had enough and will concentrate on other aspects of their business first – that is, unless, the MIIT does an about turn that is so sudden, the possibility of a directly available 3G iPad 2 remains as slim as the device itself.


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