Looks like those guys over at Meizu are on top of things these days. With the launch of their successful M9 many people wondered what the future of the device would hold for consumers. All of those fears can be put to rest with the Meizu M9 users receiving their first taste of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This came in the form of a downloadable update which I think more companies should start looking into seeing how it can get an update out to users quicker than waiting around for a carrier to push out an OTA. Just my two cents.
If you aren’t too familiar with the Chinese Meizu M9 I’ve gone ahead an provided a video of some of the unique UI elements in action.
Apparently, the update isn’t without it’s bugs and early adopters have been reporting back small annoyances like power and display issues. But given Meizu’s new track record, I’m sure they will be on top of offering a new update soon enough to deal with said issues. Now c’mon guys, I think its time to officially welcome Meizu users into the Android family.

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