Chrome is Coming with WebVR as it is already available in Chrome Beta


As Virtual Reality headsets are becoming popular now days and Now Google include a virtual reality mode i.e WebVR in its Chrome Beta. WebVR enables enhanced VR device compatibility with VR websites built against WebVR standards.

Google Chrome WebVR Google WebVR developer Josh Carpenter Says:

Today I can view a WebVR scene on an iOS [device], even if Mobile Safari doesn’t support WebVR API, thanks to a polyfill and device accelerometers. Which is awesome. The web’s got reach,. What the WebVR API gives us on top of that is much richer ecosystem support, things like link traversal between WebVR experiences without dropping out of VR mode, and more.

For the websites which are not developed according to the WebVR standards. For them Chrome’s dev channel has a ‘VR Shell’ that essentially forces a page into a VR-viewable mode.

Earlier Samsung also introduces its VR Browser for Gear VR and Mozilla also Launches A-Frame – VR-capable Websites Starting with One Line of Code. So now there is a support for VR devices on the worlds most popular browser people you want to try this can download Chrome Beta from the Play Store.



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