Chrome OS v61 rolls out with new lock screen, new app drawer and more


Chrome OS v61 which was revealed last month is now getting pushed to users finally. The update comes with a number of UX changes that makes it look cleaner (especially the lock screen), and some elements like the app drawer changed completely.

Image credits: Androidpolice

As you boot the OS after the update, the first thing you’ll see is the lock screen which has changed. Instead of a card, you’ll now see a round profile on top of a blurred wallpaper. Personally, I’d like to see an unblurred image with the circular profile but this is what we get.

The app launcher or drawer has also changed drastically. It is no longer a white background, rather a black one. Nor does it have the Google doodle. Instead, you have a black & white search bar with the recent apps below. There’s an arrow beneath that, tapping which brings up all apps. This will happen automatically in tablet mode if your laptop has one.

Image credits: Androidpolice

Other notable changes include a better power management settings, new profile picture chooser, and better window management in tablet mode. The update has started rolling out but 20 models are still in the queue. Google hasn’t revealed any info on the delay but hopefully, it should be short.

Source: Chrome Releases Blog


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