Citrix is bringing its popular GoToMeeting application/service to the Android community. Available as a free download, it provides Android device users with access to the popular mobile collaboration service, allowing them [users] to join online meetings while on the go.
Once downloaded, GoToMeeting will allow you to join meetings in seconds by clicking a link in an email or clicking the GoToMeeting icon and entering the meeting ID. And it’s not just the talk – you’ll also be able to access all of the conference materials and zoom content up to 200% by pinching the screen.
Finally, Citrix also announced the preload deal with Motorola and Verizon Wireless, which will bundle the GoToMeeting app with the newly launched DROID BIONIC smartphone…
The question now is – are you ready for mobile meetings? If so (and if you don’t have the DROID BIONIC or DROID 3, both of which have GoToMeeting preinstalled), hit the link below.
GoToMeeting (FREE) [Android Market link]


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