As some of you might remember, one of the latest surprises provided by radar detection solutions’ manufacturer Cobra was the iRadar system, which allows drivers to actually turn their iPhones into radar detectors (well, radar detection accessories, to be perfectly accurate, since the iRadar system also includes a radar detection unit).

Of course, given the fact that the system was largely based on an app running on the iPhone and direct communication via Bluetooth between the Apple handset and the aforementioned radar detection unit, we sort of suspected that the same solution would become available for other types of smartphones as well.

And sure enough, that’s exactly what Cobra’s doing right now, the company announcing the expansion of its Cobra iRadar product line with the development of Cobra iRadar for Android.

Set to become official at CES 2011, the iRadar system uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect the smartphone to the detector.

The smartphone’s display is then used to control the detector’s settings and show alerts, and, as a result, the Cobra iRadar Detection System enables motorists to view, hear and log alerts for radar/laser guns as well as upcoming speed/red light cameras and other potential hazards.

The free Cobra iRadar App includes Cobra’s exclusive AURA Camera and Driving Hazard Database, which enables drivers to receive alerts for speed and red light camera locations as well as other driving hazards.

“We are very excited to make the Cobra iRadar system available to Android users, who now represent over one-third of the smartphone market,” said Sally Washlow, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics.

As Ms. Washlow pointed out, between the two operating systems Cobra iRadar will be accessible to a significant majority of U.S. smartphone users.

Cobra iRadar for Android will have a manufacturer suggested retail price of $169.95 and will start shipping in Q1, 2011, the Cobra iRadar app, along with the AURA database, set to be available for free from the Android Market.


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