Consumers more likely to buy Android devices than iPhone according to survey

According to research firm Market Force Research, the average consumer in the US is now more likely to buy an Android device than the iPhone. A survey conducted by the firm found that 34% of respondents planning to buy a smartphone are looking for Android devices and 21% are looking for the iPhone. A mere 12% have eyes on a Blackberry for their next smartphone.

Of all the survey respondents about 21% didn’t know what smartphone they were going to buy. The firm also found that 51% of consumers have a smartphone and of those that don’t, 33% plan to buy one in the next six months. Only 6% of those that responded plan to purchase a phone without data access.
“With the Verizon-Apple partnership in motion, we anticipated that more consumers would be moving to the iPhone, so it intrigued us to see the sizeable shift toward the Android,” said Janet Eden-Harris, chief marketing officer for Market Force. “Some of our other research data shows that consumers aren’t likely to switch from their current wireless carriers, and a large portion use Sprint and T-Mobile, so Android will most likely be their smartphone choice.”


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