What I have for you today is a little treat for all you Angry Birds fanatics out there. I know there is plenty of you. Even if you don’t admit it we know you play it while your bored at work, daily. I’ve looked into this myself and didn’t know it was possible, but we now have a way to backup your game saves and progress on all 3 versions of Angry Birds. Regular version, seasons, and Rio. So now keep your progress on your G1, Thunderbolt, and on your Motorola Xoom (or whatever devices you own) so you never have to replay all the levels unless you want to of course.

This story along with most good things for android, comes from a user at XDA. He has done all the research for us and has all the details as well as full instructions. I’ll post them below for your viewing pleasure as well as link you to his post. This is a way to backup your game saves for Angry Birds without being rooted. So you don’t have to use titanium backup or something like that, just a simple app from the Android Market. Below is a list of all 3 apps, the first two are from the same developer and hopefully he is making an all-in-1 next. Search for these in the Android Market:
angrybirdsbackup (seasons)
Rio backup

1) Install whichever app you need on both devices.
2) Complete ONE level on the new device (do NOT skip this step or you won’t be able to complete the process successfully) and then create a backup to your device using the app.
3) Install the same app on the old device and create a backup for the same game on the old device with all the game saves. Now you have backups of current progress of the same game on both devices and you need to get the old to the new.
4) Use a file explorer (I like ES File Explorer best out of all of them but some prefer Astro… either will work for this DIY) to locate the folder that was created on the new device which will be named the same as the backup app. Within that folder you will find two files which I think are .bkp or something similar. One is scores and one is something else. You want to delete those two files from the new phone and then copy the same two files from the old phone and place them in the same location on the new phone.
5) Back out, launch the angrybirdsbackup app that you installed and select restore.
Now you are ready to go, launch the game of choice and enjoy all your progress and saves. If you start the app and the progress is not there try the guide again and make sure you follow the steps completely. Now start gathering those eggs and enjoy your flying birds.
[via XDA Forums]


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