Correct A Misheard Word In Google Now Just By Saying “No I Said_____”


The chances that Google Now hears you correct every time are very bleak and Google knows it. That is why Google has introduced a new feature in Google Now that lets you correct the misheard words. In case Google Now mishears your keyword and brings up something irrelevant, all you have to do is say “no i said *the correct word*”and Google now will replace the misheard word with the correct word.

google-search-transit-schedules (1)

For Example, if you said “Show me the nearest bars” and Google Now misheard it as “Show me the nearest cars”, you’d just have to say “no i meant bars” and Google Now will automatically replace the word “car” with “bar” and bring up the desired search result.

Not much time has passed since Google announced that they were working on multi-language support for Google Now and you now get a new update that lets your correct the misheard words. Google Now sure is on its way to being something very useful.


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