More than a few of you probably have at least $299.99 in your wallet at the moment, saved against the day when the seven trumpets sound, the moon turns blood red and Verizon finally decides to release the Galaxy Nexus in the US. If you live near a Costco you can save a few bucks when it actually arrives; PhoneArena reports that the retail chain is preparing the phone for a debut at $289.99, exactly ten dollars less than the rumored Verizon price. Naturally you’ll still need to sign or renew a two-year contract.

Costco is also including a “Costco Member Bonus Accessory Pack”, but there’s no information on exactly what this entails. Some Samsung accessories would be nice, but a cheap-o case, car charger and perhaps a screen protector is more likely. Still, beggars can’t be choosers, and ten dollars off is ten dollars you wouldn’t have had before – the better to buy a $50 extended battery with. Costco’s internal system is showing a December 9th launch for the Galaxy Nexus, but multiple insiders are saying that it’s the latest in a long line of missed dates.
This is the part of the Galaxy Nexus article where I close. I typically describe how Americans have been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus for far too long, and how upset US Android fans are with Verizon for its horrible timing. I mention how the complete lack of communication with its customers is a major disservice, and how it’s probably going to lose potential converts from T-Mobile and AT&T, who may just wait for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive on their carriers instead of switching. But I’ve done that a lot already, so I won’t mention any of Verizon’s poor policies like booting out Google Wallet and saddling the phone with bloatware. Nope, not at all.


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