Are you looking for some Google Powered Wearables and smartwatches? Then, you should wait for next year as Google is going to launch couple of ‘Nexus’ Smartwatches next year.


The smartwatches will not use the Pixel branding. Instead, they will be manufactured as like other Nexus devices. So, some other OEM has to manufacture the smartwatches.

Today, Google confirmed this with the Verge and stated that the two smartwatches will debut in the early 2017. Jeff Chang, the product manager of Android Wear at Google who was quoted in the article, also disclosed that after the launch, other manufacturers will follow suit with more new Android Wear 2.0-based devices.

Right now, The smartwatches market is in rough shape. So, we are hoping with the Nexus branded watches, the scenario will be changes.

More details are awaited. Stay connected for More.


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