CyanogenMod 12 Nightlies Available Now


Team CyanogenMod is doing marvellous job as they are developing very fastly on Android 5.0.2 build. As per now, CyanogenMod 12 Nightlies is compatible with 31 devices and many more will be added in the near future.


The first Cyanogenmod 12 nightlies will lack some of the features the ROM is known for as work on Lollipop compatibility continues.Some of the features are still to be added but we know how difficult it is to keep together after such a big version bump.

Below is the list of supported devices on Day 1:

  • bacon
  • d802
  • dlx
  • e975
  • e980
  • evita
  • falcon
  • find5
  • flo
  • ghost
  • hlte
  • hltespr
  • jewel
  • jfltevzw
  • klte
  • m7
  • m7spr
  • m7vzw
  • m8
  • mako
  • mondrianwifi
  • moto_msm8960
  • t6
  • t6spr
  • t6vzw
  • serrano3g
  • serranolte
  • shamu
  • v500
  • ville
  • vs985

So how many of you are going to flash it? Head over to the source link for more


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