Back in August we first heard a few minor details that the members of CyanogenMod were planning to support more device, especially a wide array of Sony Ericsson smartphones. Yesterday Cyanogen himself (Steve Kondik) confirmed support for 10 new SE phones over on Google+. With a joint effort by the CM team and the group known as FreeXperia we can expect to see CM7 and future releases support many Sony Ericsson and Xperia play devices moving forward.

While none of the phones pictured above are Sony Ericsson it does show the wide array of smartphones supported by CyanogenMod, and now with 10 more coming I’m sure plenty of users are excited for things to come. Detailed on Google+ Cyanogen mentioned all 10 SE phones they plan to initially support — they include:
– Xperia Arc
– Xperia Neo
– Xperia Mini
– Xperia Mini Pro
– Xperia Play
– Xperia Ray
– Xperia X10
– Xperia X8
– Xperia X10 Mini
– Xperia X10 Mini Pro
Kondik also mentioned that the FreeXperia team is now a part of the CyanogenMod development group, this means that with upcoming releases from Sony Ericsson like the rumored Nozomi users can expect to see support by CM7 or 8 for many new phones as they come out.
Great news for all the Sony Ericsson users out and around, CM is one of the greatest custom ROM’s available for Android and will be for a long time to come.


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