Cyngn is the new identity of Cyanogen Inc. developing autonomous vehicles

Once a reputed AOSP ROM developer is now an Autonomous Vehicle developer.


Nothing is perennial, what a meaningful quote isn’it? Even things, products or services that we expect it to last longer might burn into ashes within a blink of eyes. At a point of view in Smartphone world, Nokia and Cyanogen Inc. are the perfect examples that is in line with the quote.

However, the legendary Nokia had undergone a resurrection and is back in 2017. This lead us to point the finger at the fate of Cyanogen Inc. Which was once a popular and much accepted Open-Source OS developer capable of uprooting iOS as well as dethrow Pure Android from majority of devices. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what happened to the Cyanogen Inc. after it shut down the CyanogenMod ROM business. Then, we’ve got a piece of news for you.

Cyanogen Inc = Cyngn!

A report published by Records revealed that Cyanogen Inc. once a ROM developing company has now rebranded itself as Cyngn. Wait a minute, the newly formed Cyngn has no connection with Android even at distant far. That is, Cyngn is focused on manufacturing Autonomous or Driverless vehicles powered by ROS, an open-source operating system for controlling robots(Android ditched).

Moreover, Cyngn received a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California last month. Literally, the company is working towards automating loaders, excavators, and other construction vehicles. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have a plan to build a self-driving passenger vehicle similar to the one Google has in its warehouse.

In deed, a comeback of Cyanogen Inc. to the AOSP world seems nearly impossible. Since the new initiative under Cyngn brand lead by CEO Lior Tal, who was once a COO at Cyanogen Inc. has found a new destiny in vehicle automation.



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