Samsung Gear 360 camera

360 degree camera now days are becoming very popular, So if you want to get one then here is very good offer for you. Get $50 OFF on Samsung Gear 360 Camera on Amazon, Best Buy and B&H which means you can get Gear 360 for Just $299.

Samsung Gear 360 camera

Samsung Gear 360 camera consists of two lenses, with 16megapixel sensors, which can be used together to form a combined image taking in the entire surroundings that can be then uploaded directly to YouTube, Facebook, even Google Street View. To use it on smartphone, there’s a particular app known as Gear 360 app which can be used to snap pictures via Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The app can also be used as a Bluetooth remote for the Gear 360.

It can Video capture to 3840×1920 @ 30fps. With its 1350 mAh battery, this camera is meant to run on its own for over two hours of video recording.

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