SanDisk 256GB MicroSD Card

Amazon is offering a huge discount on Sandisk Ultra 256 GB memory card. This time Amazon is giving SanDisk MicroSD for just $116 which usually sells at $199. The MicroSD card speed is excellent as it is said to give speeds up to 95MB/s. There’s a total of $83 discount on this product.

SanDisk 256GB MicroSD Card

It is the highest capacity memory card available in the market yet. SanDisk 256GB MicroSD Card features 95 MB/s transfer speed, It is Water / Temperature / Shock Proof, X-ray / Magnet Proof and Downloadable Memory Zone App.

Similarly, 32GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with adapter is also going at $11.15 which is $2.80 less from its usual price. You can buy it with a thought as it is a limited time sale from Amazon. You have only 13 Hours from the time of article is posted to buy sanDisk memory card at this price. 

Buy SanDisk 256 GB Card | 32 GB Card


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