Often Google tips that they may be bringing something revolutionary to their apps like Play Music but almost every time they settle the hype by providing some offer. This time again they have an offer and if you take a closer look then actually it is not a bad deal at all. Google is offering streaming Music on its Google Play Music app Free and video service associated with YouTube Red Free both for a period of 4 months. If you are interested then must read the entire story.

Over the time Google has improved its Play Music app a lot as some competitors like Spotify, Apple Music are already doing great in the market. With this 4 month offer, Google is providing Ad-free streaming on YouTube Red for zero charges. This is to attract the new subscribers and users as by enrolling in this they will become habitual to their service up to a certain extent. Although this offer has some limitations to which one should go through before enrolling.

A user applying should be a new subscriber to this service and you must haven’t used this deal before. In general, the subscription to both the apps are paid but offering all this Free for a duration of 4 months is a great step by Google to attract the consumers. As soon as this service will get exhausted a user will be charged a regular amount for the service. If you were looking for a similar deal then it is the best period for you people.


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