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An year and couple of months have left since Google officially started promoting the On-sale premium apps on Google Play Store. Starting from the month of February last year to till now, lots of apps have been put up for sale. The strategy have, in fact, garnered immense popularity and liking of the Android folks. Moreover, it laid down an opportunity for the app developers to promote their products.

Well, since there is no dedicated section for App-Sales on Google Play Store. It’s a quite difficult task for a common user to find all premium apps that are currently up for free. Hence, to make it easier for them, we used to compile a list of free apps on Google Play Store, at least once in a week. Similarly, here goes our newly found premium apps that you can get them for absolutely free.

Note: Limited time offer. Get them soon.


  1.  Drug dictionary >>Free: Download
  2.  M Launcher Pro-Marshmallow 6.0 (€3,30 -> free): Download
  3. Speed camera radar (pro) (€2,09 -> free): Download
  4. [Substratum] Infinity | Nougat| Oreo ($0.99 > free): Download
  5. Fluce for Twitter ($0.99 > free): Download
  6.  Weather Forecast Pro (€3,89 -> free): Download


  1. Dr. Panda Art Class (€3,49 -> free): Download
  2.  Circus charlie Pro (€0,59 -> free): Download
  3. Cockatilt (₹65 -> Free): Download
  4.  Rapid Shift $0.99 -> Free: Download
  5. Talisman ($4.49 -> Free): Download
  6. One Day : The Sun Disappeared (€4,29 -> free): Download
  7. Sudoku Master (nessun annuncio) (€2,29 -> free): Download
  8.  Archery : Sparatutto di tiro con l’arco (€1,99 -> free): Download
  9. Cool Rubik’s Cube Patterns Pro (€0,59 -> free): Download
  10. Shadow of Death: Stickman Fighting – Dark Knight (€2,40 -> free): Download

Icon Packs

  1. Enamel Icons – Icon Pack (₹65 -> Free): Download
  2. Arthur Icon Pack (€0,59 -> free): Download
  3.  Merlin Icon Pack (€0,59 -> free): Download
  4. Lancelot Icon Pack ( $0.99 -> free): Download
  5. Bits – Icon Pack Oreo (₹65 -> Free): Download

That’s all for this weekend. In case if you’ve missed to check out our previous deal articles, visit our dedicated Deals Section. If lucky, you might find some deals still valid now also.



  1. Some of the premium apps listed above do not come up as being on sale. I don’t know if the sale is over for some of them or hasn’t started yet. Even on Google Play app there is no mention of a sale on them on certain ones.


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