The Dell Streak line of Android tablets haven’t been hugely popular with most folks choosing offerings from other makers. The sales of the smallest of the Streak offerings the Streak 5 were bad enough that Dell ended the tablet in August. Dell has now ended the larger sibling to the Streak 5, the Streak 7 reports StreakSmart.

We had heard back in September that T-Mobile would not be updating its 4G version of the Streak 7 to Honeycomb. I am sure we weren’t the only ones that thought that move didn’t bode well for the tablet. Dell didn’t issue a press release or any reasoning for ending the Streak 7 tablet’s run. It’s easy to assume that the tablet simply didn’t sell enough to justify making it though.
Dell pulled the listings for the Streak 7 from its website and left a note on the Streak 7 page saying it was no longer available online. That would seemingly hint that you might still be able to get a Streak 7 tablet in T-Mobile locations. The obvious downside to buying one at this point is that you will be stuck with whatever Android version is on the tablet when you get it. Perhaps they will be cheaper though since they are no longer being produced.
[via SlashGear]


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