As most of you guys should be aware by now, Apple and Samsung are currently embroiled in a fierce legal battle concerning patent infringement. Apple has accused Samsung of infringing upon their patents and design of the iPad 2, claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has copied their designs. Samsung has attempted to work around this claim by releasing the Galaxy Tab 10.1n with some minor cosmetic changes, but apparently that wasn’t enough.
The image you’re looking at above is a rendering of the interpretation of what Apple’s lawyers think Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 should look like. We can’t tell if they are dead serious or if it’s just a quick mockup but either way that thing above is pretty hideous. The mockup is based on Apple’s demands which asks for a tablet whose “Shapes that are not rectangular with four flat sides or that do not have four rounded corners”, feature “Front surfaces that are not completely flat or clear and that have substantial adornment”, have “Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface” and have “Profiles that are not thin relative to [Apple patent D’889] or that have a cluttered appearance”.
Essentially this translates into a tablet that no one would ever want to own. Has Apple taken things a little bit too far this time, or are they shooting for the ludicrous in hopes that Samsung will balk and decide to settle instead?


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