If you are a game developer for Android games that has been looking to get your games onto more devices the new PlayStation Suite SDK has hit the closed beta point. The PS suite SDK is the development environment using C# that allows games to be run on PS certified devices including Android smartphones as well as the PS Vita portable console that will be landing soon.

Sony has announced that it is now accepting apps from individual developers and corporate devs for the SDK closed beta. Like any other closed beta, not all devs will gain access to the beta program. The SDK that Sony has developed will run on a virtual C# machine that is part of the Vita portable and PS Certified Android devices.
The program will be open to devs in the US, UK, and Japan in English. The SDK used in the beta will work on 32-but Windows XP and 32 or 64-bit Windows 7. The SDK comes with a PC simulator and the purchase of a PS Vita or other device isn’t required. The form for applying to the program is available here.
[via SlashGear]


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