There are some Android developers that aren’t happy campers. Apparently, some of the devs have taken to the Google Market forums to complain that the payments they are receiving aren’t matching up with the sales of their apps. The issue isn’t widespread apparently with only a few complaining that their checks are short.

The difference between the reported sales of the apps and the amount of the checks is apparently large. One of the devs that has the issue said that less than half the apps that had actually sold during the period were paid out. A bit of digging turned up a possible reason for the light payments.
Apparently, all the devs that were affected has apps purchased on the web store for the Android Market. The thought is that the purchased made on the web store and then pushed to the devices aren’t being tallied up on the checks. Google noted that it is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.
[via AndroidApps]


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