Dolby Atmos won’t be featuring on Galaxy S8/S8+ with final Oreo build


Galaxy S8/S8+ users were earlier excited to know that their gorgeous device will be getting Dolby Atmos support with the Android Oreo. Since all the speculations and expectations emerged as a result of a previously leaked nearly stable Android Oreo beta build. Unfortunately, official words from Samsung now confirms that the coveted feature wouldn’t make into the final version of Samsung’s Oreo.

As per Samsung UK beta team, the firm has no plan of implementing Dolby Atmos support for Galaxy S8/S8+ running stable Oreo build. On the other hand, the feature popping up its head in one of the betas, it’s a direct indication of Samsung’s intention to bring the Dolby on Galaxy S8/S8+. Hence, there’s a likely chance that the devices could get the feature at a point later, if not in the first public version of stable Android Oreo.

In case if you don’t know, certain Android devices already supports Dolby Atmos. In fact, Google had implemented it in core Android OS a couple of years ago. However, Samsung deliberately removed/ciphered this awesome sound mod in its customized Android, TouchWiz. Nevertheless, now it seems Samsung is looking forward to grant the support to its devices as well. If that’s the case, the upcoming beast, Samsung Galaxy S9 would probably support Dolby Atmos out-of-the-box.




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