Dolphin Browser For Android Receives Update


Dolphin Browser has received an update with better functionality and support for latest version of Android. Dolphin Browser update is live in the Play Store you can have a look at it by heading to the source link below.

dolphin update

Major issue that is fixed in the latest build is Marshmallow compatibility. Further there were lot of crash issues like Inputting text in the address bar or within text boxes on websites, Launching Dolphin and Browsing resource-intensive websites. Other changes are as follows:

  • Link redirection: if a user had another browser set as the default browser, then opening any link within Dolphin would automatically redirect to the default browser instead of staying within Dolphin.
  • AdBlock: the Dolphin Browser AdBlock Add-on was not visible in the Control Panel (in the right side bar), even though it was installed.
  • Disappearing keyboard shortcuts: the extra shortcuts that appear above the keyboard (e.g., www, .com, back and forward arrows) would disappear when typing on Dolphin. Unfortunately, our devs had to disable the keyboard shortcuts for the time being due to stability issues.
  • Error when disabling permissions for storage or location: there is a new feature on Android M that allows users to disable or only use certain permissions a single time vs. every time. There was an error message when attempting to disable permissions for ‘storage’ or ‘location’, which our devs have corrected.
  • Dolphin Connect login failure: the Dolphin Connect extension on Chrome was experiencing issues. Users would not be able to tab push (devices showed up as offline) after login. The extension was also showing the circle looping infinitely instead of successfully logging in. This has all been fixed.

You can download the updated apk from the Play Store.

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