Dophin Browser Brings "Sonar" Voice Search


Dolphin for Android has announced that version 7.4 will bring voice commands known as Sonar. Once the update is installed, a small button will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Long-pressing that button allows users to select between drawing Dolphin’s navigation gestures on screen and using Sonar to speak their commands aloud. One more quick press and users can start yapping away with Dolphin’s voice commands.

Sonar uses Google’s built-in voice recognition API to translate your words to text, before using their Dolphin-specific backend to figure out what the words mean. Even in this initial build you get fairly impressive voice interaction.

What you can do with Dolphin Sonar:

1) Search
2) Social Search
3) Navigate – Just Tell Your Dolphin Where To Go

Download Now: Dolphin Browser


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