Download Another Widget App from Play Store to get Pixel 2/XL new calendar widget on your Android phones


Google Pixel 2 or XL has come up with new elite software features. One of the new elite software feature is the new calendar widget. This new calendar widget appears at the top of the home screen by default.

It will conveniently show your next calendar appointment and it will also show the time it starts and ends. The current temperature will also be shown and all these will appear in one informative panel. Now, you can get this useful feature on any Android phone that too without root or any hick or trick. All should thank to the developer of this new app on the Google Play Store called Another Widget.

It is a single app which allows you to give you a widget as like of the Pixel 2 or 2XL. It is little nifty app and you can use it simply by just installing it. Then you have to add it to the homescreen or where you want by adding a new widget.

If we have a look at the previous versions of the Google watch widgets, then we have no trace of these new features. using the widget, you can take care of your appointments, reminders, weather, time, and much other things.


It is available for all the Android phones having Android Kitkat 4.4 or later versions.

Source: Play Store


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