[Download Apk] Google Duo v16 packs new Notification Type and Channels, New UI tweaks and more


Google update its video calling app Duo to the version 16. In the new update there are Notification Type and Notification Channels, New UI tweaks for Audio/Video Toggle. Its worth telling you that Google has updated Allo with its web client few days back.

In detail through Notification channels (Android O) users can have full control over the behaviour of notifications. With this notification channels you can manage sounds, vibrations, notification lights, and more. To manage notifications there are various toggles in the notification section in the settings of Google Duo. It includes Call notifications, Contact Notifications, New in Duo and Special events and topics.

In this new update Google Duo includes the new notification type i.e. Special events and topics. With “Special events and topics” there is a little description also i.e. suggestions on when to use Duo. Which means the app itself tells you when to use.

Google Duo v16 is also packs with UI Tweaks which changes the placement of the Video/Audio toggle. Currently it is place above the contacts button and in new version of the app the toggle button is placed at the top as shown in the photo.

To use these new features you have to be on the Google Duo V16. you can download the apk from apkmirror.


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