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A guy over the XDA forums has tweaked Youtube App to run play videos with Screen Off Playback. It means now you can listen to music or anything else even after leaving the app screen. This is great news for those who were using other apps to have this functionality.

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XDA modding community member theos0o and developer of this modded Youtube app says that the device used should be 720p/1080p capable and rooted, though other sources report they have managed to run the app on a non-rooted phone.

To install this app follow the instructions:

  • You need to uninstall the old Youtube app
  • Download it and install it
  • Then Open the app Goto “Advanced Options” menu and then “Screen off playback” function.

If it works then well an good, Otherwise uninstall it and Install the regular app from the Play Store. You can download it from the above link or for more you can hit the source link below.




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