Download dm verity Disabler

The dm Verity is a Linux kernel driver for verifying the integrity of a partition at runtime using a hash tree and signed metadata. It is used for verified booting of Android Phones. dm verity feature supports the phones with Android 4.4 or Later. Basically dm-verity can protect you against malware modifying the system however it can also protect you from accidental corruption with its forward-error-correction feature.

Download dm verity Disabler

The dm verity feature is very good for the security of Android phone. But, When you flash an unauthorized custom rom or TWRP recovery, device shows dm verity error. Although, it can be easily fixed and encryption can also be disabled. Here we are with a guide to Disable dm verity on any [TWRP] Android Phone.

Pre requisites

  • Download dm-verity and forced encryption disabler.
  • The latest TWRP Recovery for your respective Android phone.
  • Download the Official ROM and recovery for your Phone.
  • Charge your phone atleast up to 60%.
  • You should download the USB drivers for particular manufacturers of the phone.

Now there are different methods for various phones. From below listed guides you can follow the steps there to fix the dm verity error on your phone.

You can download the latest dm verity disabler patch below.  Download link Download link  Download link  Download link




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