Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung devices are the largest group of Android devices that exist in the market. Samsung’s old policy of launching different devices for different markets are the reason behind this. Today, we are going to show you on how to install Galaxy Note 8 launcher app on any of the Smasung Galaxy device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Touchwiz on Galaxy devices brings in different charm to the Samsung devices but it also make them bulkier. Earlier, it was so heavy that some mid range device starts hanging just after few months of purchase. In order to eliminate this problem, Smasung made it lighter with different means.

Samsung eliminated bloatware apps from it, later they also introduced new simple animations and textures. Overall, now, Touchwiz is much better on the latest Galaxy devices rather than devices which are couple of years old.

Even, Smasung has now made few apps installable from the Play Store. Now, users can install the Smasung apps on the basis of requirement. Samsung has moved the apps like Samsung Gallery, Samsung Keyboard and similarly many other apps.

Well, the Galaxy Note 8 launcher is one of those apps but it is not compatible with other Galaxy devices. It’s a matter of disappointment for other Galaxy devices owners. Well, to the rescue, we are going to let know on how to install the galaxy Note 8 launcher app on any Galaxy device.


  • Rooted Device with TWRP Installed
  • Rooted Device without TWRP Installed (other recovery)

Installation of Galaxy Note 8 Launcher with TWRP

  1. Check if you have rooted your device and have TWRP installed.
  2. Then download the Galaxy Note 8 launcher Zip from the Download section below.
  3. Reboot your Device to Recovery (TWRP).
  4. Upon TWRP opening, select the install option.
  5. Then browse for the file in your phone>> then swipe to flash the zip.
  6. Finally you’re done, Reboot your device and enjoy the Note 8 Launcher on your galaxy device.

Installation on without TWRP recovery

In this tutorial, you need not to reboot to recovery, instead you can perform the same function by simply copy pasting. before installing , you should have Root file manager or have root access to the file manager. You can downloading ES file manager and turn on its Root Explorer by going to the side pane of it.

Now follow these steps:

  1. Goto the File Manager and extract the downloaded file and copy it.
  2. Then move to the Root directory of the phone
  3. Navigate to the System>priv-app>Touchwiz Home
  4. Backup your old app to some safe place and replace it with the downloaded version.
  5. Give writable permission
  6. Reboot and you’re done!!

Download galaxy Note 8 Touchwiz Home

Download: Note 8 Launcher zip

Well, if you have any problem, you can ask in the comments below.



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