Google Pixel devices are known for their outstanding cameras. Even with a single sensor, the Pixel devices can literally smoke other devices having multiple image sensors on-board. No matter whether it’s capturing of a good HDR images or clicking brilliant portrait selfies – Pixel Cameras are pro in the business. Thanks to the advanced image processing algorithm cracked by Google which is to a large extent noticeable on the Gcam– Google Camera app.

download google camera apk

The Google Camera app, which is the stock camera app on Nexus And Pixel devices bolsters the image captured using Pixel cameras. Due to its advanced capabilities and features, Google has restricted the camera app to its Nexus and Pixel devices only. May be the search-engine giant doesn’t want other OEM’s to take advantage of its masterpiece work in smartphone photography.

That said, the following features make the Google Camera a coveted app. The Gcam app has also got Lens blur feature to give you the bokeh effect on images. With your single lens camera, you can use the Google Lens blur. Let’s see how more efficient and feature worth is the Gcam app.

Google Camera Noteworthy Features

  • HDR+ – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Video Stabilization – Capture exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands shake.
  • Smartburst – Hold down the shutter button to automatically capture a stream of photos and make moving GIFs.
  • Photo sphere – Create immersive spherical photos.
  • Lens Blur – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to close-up pictures.
  • Slow Motion – Capture action in epic slow motion video (up to 240fps on some supported devices).
  • AR Stickers – AR Stickers is a feature that was announced in late 2017, alongside the debut of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices. Using Google’s new ARCore platform, augmented reality objects, referred to as ‘stickers’, can be ‘dropped’ into an image or video.

There are many GCam mods unofficially developed to work on Non-Google devices, thus it necessarily sheds the light on Google Camera’s popularity and power. Nonetheless, the latest version available for Android devices is Google Camera v5.3. Apart from all the aforementioned features, the latest build carries certain hints of upcoming features such as improved RAW support, corrections for wide-angle distortion, and multi-channel audio. Below is the links to download Google Camera APK and enjoy the seamless photography.

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How to use Google Camera lens Blur:

In Order to use the Google Camera’s most important feature, Lens Blur, you need to head over to the following settings.

If you don't find the portrait mode, go to settings > advanced settings 
and enable Portrait Mode.

Compatibility of Google Camera APK

There are many things in the Android world which are not compatible on all devices. So is the Google Camera App aka Gcam app. It has different third party mods which are compatible with most of the devices. But the mainstream app is not compatible. So, if your device is not compatible with official Google Camera APK. Then follow the steps below:

  1. In order to check compatibility: Download Manual Camera Compatibility.
  2. If you get green, then you are ready to install the Google Camera APK from Download section below.
  3. Otherwise you need to enable camera2api service on your device (Need root and Magisk).


Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are incorporating camera sensors as many as possible on their devices. Of course, multiple image sensors can combinedly produce better images than that a single camera sensor can. However, Google with its Pixel devices has proved that for better photography, the number of sensors solely don’t determine the quality of images produced by smartphone camera. Despite, a well-implemented image processing algorithm, machine-learning and a standalone image chip which on Pixel devices are known as Visual Core can do wonders even with a single camera.

Let’s hope other OEM’s too would come up with neat software tricks rather than increasing the number of image sensors beyond what we can count using our fingers (Just exaggerating).

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Download Google Camera Apk / Gcam

Download Gcam apk for all devices – Download

Otherwise you can directly download from the link below.

Google Camera v5.3: Google Drive


Device: Nexus/Pixel Devices. OS: Android Nougat 9.0 Pie



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