Download Google Assistant app on the Play Store which simply activates the AI


Recently, Google has been exerting its efforts to the further improve user engagement with its AI. They don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the process. Just 2 days back, Google added home screen icon support for categories like “Sports” and “Entertainment” from the Feed. With that, users can access the particular category with just a tap on the icon. Now we have a new app called Google Assistant on the Play Store. But don’t get your hopes up. The app doesn’t do much.

Google assistant

The app serves the only primary function to launch Google Assistant on devices that already have it. But wait, it also checks devices if they can run Assistant and also tell users about it.

We do think this won’t be of much use to a majority of users since long pressing the home button already works really well and is more convenient. But the effort makes it evident that Google wants you to use the Assistant and if an icon can make you do it, they will make that. Google is also changing the position of the search widget for the same reason.

We’ll leave a link to the app below in case you just want an icon of Assistant on your home screen.

Download Link: Google Assistant


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