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[Download] Google Play Store v8.4.18 update now rolling out to users


Being one of the biggest app stores on the planet, Google’s Play Store gets its fair share of updates. Sometimes, it happens several times a month. Some updates are maintenance releases. Others bring new features. Some bring bug fixes and minor UI tweaks and so on. The last month alone saw 7 updates to the popular online marketplace.

Today a new update is rolling out with v8.4.18 quickly following an update earlier in the day itself. That included small changes to the user interface. In this fresh update, we aren’t sure of the changes but we are about to dig in to see what it offers. We wouldn’t be surprised to see only bug fixes.

Google is keen to provide an ideal user experience on the Play Store and small updates like these go a long way to ensure that people keep coming back to the huge app market that is hosted by the search giant.

In any case, if you do want to download the latest update we will leave a link to it below. Let us know if you find any interesting changes if you find any.

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