Google has come up with a new lightweight search app for its core product i.e Search. This is not for the first time that Google has built a light app, they are testing similar apps for various other products. The main motive behind light apps is to cater to the users having low connectivity and low end devices. The devices or areas which have low speca and connectivity options ,need lighter versions of the apps badly due to certain restrictions.

Majorly in developing countries, there are many constraints with the main fleet of apps, most of the users can;t even smoothly access the main App. So, it is a good step from Google that they have launched a new light app for its Search.

Features of Google Search Lite app

  • Offline Features.
  • Requires less storage space.
  • Can work with less memory.
  • Swipe sideways to change the preferred language.
  • Quick Acces Icons like┬áTranslate, Weather that can be personalized.
  • Easily accessible search bar.
  • Lite web pages feature to save data while browsing.

Well, there are lods of many other features that comes up with this new app. Recently, it was spotted in Indonesia, where Google is testing it.

We have received a leaked version of the app and the AP is now available for download. Google Search lite app is now available for download.

Download Google Search Lite App



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