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Magisk is the best alternative to the Chainfire’s SuperSu; it is one of the best alternative to the present system based root method. We are listing all the new versions of Magisk and Magisk Manager for download. You can download Magisk zip 18.1 from the link below. Magisk is developed by senior XDA developer, Tomjohn and is terming the Magisk as the next Root methodology ahead of SuperSu.

magisk zip download

Well, if we compare it with the SuperSu than the Magisk Manager is quite advanced and flexible. it offers you to hid the root access for particular apps. By this way, you can enjoy the apps related to the banking sector and others on your rooted device. It provides dynamic features which allow you to hide the root for any particular app.

Another popular feature is the systemless access on your device. Users need not worry about the official OTA update as it uses the same system partition as it is before the root. To bring more clarity, earlier, SuperSu altered the System partition on the device to grant root access privileges. But Magisk manager roots your device without doing any change in the system partition.

Further, It gives you the sole Magisk Manager which allows you to upgrade, download, install and manage different module on your device as in-app. Well, before installing rooting your device with Magisk. Please make sure to backup your device without root using our guide. Also, you might need Fastboot drivers for PC or root with MacOS.

Magisk features

  • 100% fully open source and easy to build!
  • Magic Mount
  • MagiskSU: Open Source Root Solution
  • Magisk Manager
  • Magisk Hide
  • Resetprop
  • Multiple Entry Points

Magisk Installation Instructions:

To install the Magisk zip, you need to follow the instructions carefully. Follow the below-mentioned instructions:

If you already have Magisk installed, you can directly upgrade through Magisk Manager.

Steps to Install Magisk :

Note: Make sure to remove any other root, best to restore your boot image back to stock

  1. Via custom recovery:
  • Download the latest Magisk zip file (from below)
  • Reboot to custom recovery and flash the flashable zip

2. Via Magisk Manager (Only support v14.0+):

  • This method does not need root, and also does not require a custom recovery.
    However, you MUST have a stock boot image dump beforehand and also be able to flash the patched boot image, either through fastboot/download mode or ODIN
  • Install the latest Magisk Manager
  • If you’re planning to flash the patched boot image through ODIN, go to Settings > Update Settings > Patched Boot Output Format, and select .img.tar. For normal users leave it as the default .img
  • Press Install > Install > Patch Boot Image File and select your stock boot image file
  • Magisk Manager will now patch your boot image, and store it in [Internal Storage]/MagiskManager/patched_boot.img[.tar]
  • Flash the patched boot image to your device and reboot. Voilà!

If there’s any problem, you can install it manually. Otherwise, you can comment below for any other issue.

Magisk 17.0 Issue:

Users Facing Bootloop!

Unfortunately, users are facing boot loop (device stucks on the boot logo) after updating to Magisk 17.0 via regular Magisk Manager OTA. Mostly, the previous Magisk version might be conflicting with the significant changes present on the largest stable release or might be a bug which went unnoticed by the prodigy dev, Topjohnwu before the release of the stable version. However, there is a workaround to install the Magisk 17.0 without getting the boot loop.

According to certain users, the below installation procedure successfully installed Magisk 17.0 without getting trapped on boot logo.

  1. Boot to TWRP
  2. Flash Magisk uninstall zip to remove previously installed Magisk completely
  3. Then, flash latest Magisk
  4. Reboot to system.

Download Magisk Zip

Below you can download all the latest versions of the magisk. It can be used to root your Android devices without any big guides. The installation process is present above the downloads section over here.

Magisk 18.1 Download

Magisk 18.1: Download

Magisk Manager 7.0: Download

Magisk v18.1

  • [General] Support EMUI 9.0
  • [General] Support Kirin 960 devices
  • [General] Support down to Android 4.2
  • [General] Major code base modernization under-the-hood

Magisk Manager 7.0.0

  • Major UI redesign!
  • Render Markdown natively (no more buggy WebView!)
  • Support down to Android 4.1 (native Magisk only support Android 4.2 though)
  • Significantly improve Magisk log display performance
  • Fix post OTA scripts for A/B devices
  • Reduce memory usages when verifying and signing boot image
  • Drop support for Magisk lower than v18.0

Magisk 18.0 Download

The powerful Magisk is now receiving a stable update with major changes. The latest Magisk 18.0 is accompanied by a new Magisk Manager bearing version number 6.1.0. They combined brings a lot of improvements to the table compared to the previous stable release 17.0.

Magisk 17.1 download

The core Magisk is getting an update to the Magisk 17.2 from the previous v17.1. While its counterpart and equally important, the Magisk Manager has bumped up the version all the way to 6.0.0 from 5.8.0.


  • Magisk v17.2
    – [ResetProp] Update to AOSP upstream to support serialized system properties.
    – [MagiskInit] Randomize Magisk service names to prevent detection (e.g. FGO).
    – [MagiskSU] New communication scheme to communicate with Magisk Manager.
  • Magisk Manager v6.0.0
    – Update to latest AndroidX support library.
    – Fix crashes when online repos contain incomplete metadata.
    – Optimize BootSigner to use as little memory as possible, prevent OutOfMemoryError
    – Support a new communication scheme between Magisk v17.2 and Magisk Manager.
    – Enable excessive obfuscation to avoid apk analysis root detections (still not 100% obfuscated due to backward compatibility with the stable channel).

Download latest Magisk Stable (17.1)

Latest Magisk Manager 6.0.0

Download Magisk 17.0

Latest Magisk Download

Magisk Download

Magisk Manager: Download

  • [General] Bring back install to the inactive slot for OTAs on A/B devices.
  • [Script] Remove system based root in addon.d.
  • [Script] Add proper addon.d-v2 for preserving Magisk on custom ROMs on A/B devices.
  • [Script] Enable KEEPVERITY when the device is using system_root_image.
  • [Script] Add hexpatch to remove Samsung defex in new Oreo kernels.
  • [Daemon] Support non ext4 filesystems for mirrors (system/vendor).
  • [MagiskSU] Make pts sockets always run in dev_pts secontext, providing all terminal emulator root shell the same power as adb shells.
  • [MagiskHide] Kill all processes with same UID of the target to workaround OOS embryo optimization.
  • [MagiskInit] Move all policy patches pre-init to prevent Pixel 2 (XL) boot service breakdown.

Magisk 16.7 

Magisk : Download

Latest Magisk Manager 8.5.3: Download

Magisk 16.6 Download

Latest Magisk Manager 5.8.0 included): Download

Latest Magisk Manager 5.8.0: Download

Popular Magisk 16.4 Download

Popular Magisk Manager 5.6.4 bundled): Download

Magisk Manager 5.7.0: Download

Download Magisk v16.3 

Old Magisk Manager 5.6.4 bundled): Download

Old Magisk Manager 5.6.4: Download

Download Magisk 16.2

Magisk v16.2(1620) Beta: XDA

Magisk Manager 5.6.3: GitHub

Download Magisk 16.1 

Magisk Manager v5.6.2 bundled): XDA

Magisk Manager v5.6.2.apk: Github

The guide to Download Magisk zip also includes intructions to isntall it on various devies. If you get any prolem can comment us below.


  1. Hi Simran Singh,
    to download/flash in ODIN I have five different categories: bootloader, PDA, Phone, CSC, UMS. Which one do I mark and download/flash with my patched_boot.img.tar?
    Thanks for your fast response.


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