Motorola Device Manager

Motorola is the name well known for smartphones. Most of the users may be knowing that Motorola is now officially owned by Lenovo. Motorola became more famous after the introduction of Android. Motorola has been known for its devices with Stock Android. Motorola recently launched their G7 Series of smartphones but it failed to gather a crowd as it was highly overpriced.

Motorola Device Manager

Motorola Device Manager is essential and helpful software for all Motorola users who wish to connect their device to the PC. Below we have provided the link to download the latest version of the Device Manager, please read through to find out.

Motorola Device Manager is very useful in situations where users want to connect their Motorola Smartphone to your PC. This can help you save time in a lot of ways. This is an all in all solution for all your needs to connect your device to PC.  It has multiple built-in features like an automatic update of the device, installing USB drivers and a lot more. All these can help in easily connecting the device to PC and by getting you all updates on times.

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Features of the Motorola Device Manager

  • USB Drivers: If you are unable to find the right drivers for your Motorola device, you should install the Motorola device manager. This will install the latest compatible drivers for your PC.
  • Auto Updates: It will check for updates by detecting your device model number and install them if available. This makes it handy if you like to install the updates from your PC.


Motorola Device Manager – 2.5.4 for Windows

Motorola Device Manager 2.2.9 for MacOS



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