Download new Google Play Store update v 8.2.38


Another update to the Google Play Store is rolling out to Android this week. The new update which pushes the version number to 8.2.378 is just a performance upgrade, most likely. There aren’t any interface changes, nor new features that we noticed, not that we know of. However, we would like to hear from you if you see some new nifty hidden features, we can give you a mention on our blog post.

Also, Google pushes such new updates in preparation for upcoming new features or improvements that it plans to bring in the future. The previous version was likewise the same as this one with no visible improvements. Although an APK teardown can bring much to light of what is happening behind the scenes.

Now, the update might take some time (even weeks) to hit your smartphone. But we doubt you will be missing it much. But if you plan to do a teardown, you can always download it from APK Mirror.

Download Google Play Store Version 8.2.38


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